My first blog post! I’ve debated starting a full time blog for a long time. I’ve done research, pinned endlessly, and taken blogging classes. And I was still always too scared, what if I didn’t live up to my own expectations? What if I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be?

…and then it hit me: who freaking cares? Being a woman is hard, being a married woman who works outside of the home is harder, and being a full time working wife and momma is the hardest job I have ever done. So why don’t I deserve to express MY self on MY blog?

So here are some truths, because every momma deserves to live her truths:

I have the worst anxiety of my life now that I am a mom

I struggle with being caught between wanting to be a crunchy mama and wanting to be a chill mom

Sometimes I resent my husband

I have little to no self confidence since I gave birth

I treasure my daughter with every ounce of my heart, but I can’t wait to have another baby

I need an attitude adjustment and I have absolutely no idea where that’s going to come from, lol

So thats it people, those are my truths, and my short comings. I focus so hard on my failures everyday that I rarely see my wins. Thats what this blog is for, my wins.

I really hope you will follow along, and offer your tips, and advice!